Meet The Bad Rabbit Team

Executive Leadership

Our leadership team has many years of experience with Huron-Click®, and have consulted for some of the country's most respected institutions.

Shap Shapiro Co-President & Founder
Luke Belbina Co-President & Owner
Brad Bissette Director of Professional Services
Peggy Meyer Director
Jeri Alcock Director of Sales

Engineering & Projects

This is the team of talented software engineers and project managers who satisfy all of our client's needs.

Tom Mounsey Senior Developer & Founder
Skip Russell Senior Developer
Amr Abdelwahab Senior Developer
Terry Won Senior Developer
Will Heger Senior Developer
Tim Jurik Senior Developer
Raph Martelles Senior Developer
Zach Hayes Developer & Junior Project Manager
Devon Holcombe Senior Developer
Nicholas “Eamon” Walker Senior Developer
Matt Johnson Senior Developer
Elliot Goodzeit Developer
Ashley Wade Senior Developer
Lukas Bilewicz Developer
Annie Kadin CCG
Abe Barth-Werb Senior Software Engineer
Brandi Cornelius Creative Administrator & Recruiting Manager
Chris Smith Senior Project Manager
Tony Maxymillian Senior Software Engineer
Tim Consolazio Senior Software Engineer
Andrea Wilson Senior Analyst
Jim Peters Senior Project Manager
Jim Wilson Senior Project Manager
Scott McNamara Senior Project Manager
Pam Lam Senior Software Engineer

Hall of fame

Honoring members of the team who make it into the Bad Rabbit Hall of Fame.

Careers at BadRabbit

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