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From module implementation to custom development and integration with other platforms, even ongoing day-to-day running of your sites, Bad Rabbit is uniquely positioned to help you to get the most out of your IRB, Grants, IACUC, IBC, COI and other research compliance sites.

Domain Expertise

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We can help you take financial control of your clinical trials by configuring a clinical trials management system (CTMS) to fit your individual needs. We work with multiple CTMS platforms and will use our expertise to meet all your clinical trial, participant tracking, and billing requirements.

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Bad Rabbit has worked on extending and enhancing Institutional Review Board software applications as well as their underlying platform, making it easier for developers to customize and for end-users to understand and use.

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Bad Rabbit has implemented Biosafety Committee modules from the ground up and are prepared to provide an implementation that end users find easy to use.

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Grants & Agreements

We can help you get the most out of your Grants and Agreements systems, from implementing Huron-Click® modules to working with and integrating other platforms like PeopleSoft® and WorkDay®. If you need help enhancing an existing solution or building one from the ground up, we can help.



Bad Rabbit understands the many intricacies in working with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) modules, from integration with colony management platforms as well as institutional specific needs. We’ve implemented Huron-Click® IACUC stores from customizations to building stores from the ground up.

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Disclosures and “Conflict of Interest” sites have their own set of intricacies, including frequent integration with other modules. Bad Rabbit has built these sites from the ground up. We can provide best practices both on integration and user interface.

We only hire top notch developers

We only hire top notch engineering staff and offer them a unique, flexible working environment. Which means you get top notch implementations and extensions which are focused on improving your long-term cost of ownership.

What the Bad Rabbit Difference means for you

What Bad Rabbit can do for you What the Bad Rabbit Difference means for you
Experienced Developers on Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) Faster, more cost effective implementations
Ongoing maintenance and day-to-day running of your sites Help your development and support teams scale
Implement systems in Huron-Click®, Merge CTMS and others Depth of expertise gets your project done quickly
Integration between platforms (Huron-Click®, Epic®, Coeus®, eSirius®, etc) Less complexity by working with one vendor across systems
Integration between Research Administration systems (IRB, IACUC, Grants, etc) Our experience across modules provides you with faster implementations
Mentoring developers in how to be productive in the unique Huron- Click® development environment Our focus is making your development team better, resulting in better code and more stable functionality
Extracting data and reporting specific to Research Administration (ex: Dwell time between activities, Turnaround time from submission, etc) Not just one off reports. Our focus is extracting data into reusable Data Marts and Data Warehouses that your DBAs understand

The results of our efforts

Bad Rabbit has great engineers who focus on great implementations. The results are clear: Institutions choose Bad Rabbit to help them achieve a strong ROI.

We make your costs more manageable
  • Lower rates, excellent engineers
  • Build for community, not one off exercises
  • Focus on long-term cost of ownership
We make your developers smarter
  • We teach best practices across institutions
  • Help you find and retain excellent developers
  • Mentor developers, not just implementations
We make your end users happier
  • Deep focus on streamlining and usability
  • User interface expertice
  • Enable community knowledge sharing

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