Come work at Bad Rabbit!

A top class team, flexible hours, comprehensive benefits, great pay.

Current Openings

Senior Enterprise Sales Manager

Greater NYC area, Philadelphia, or Portland, OR::

You are a polished and likable salesperson with plenty of enterprise experience, who knows how to maintain relationships in a way that makes others feel remembered and in the loop, but not overwhelmed by hard-line sales jargon.

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Project Manager

Greater NYC area, Philadelphia, or Portland, OR:

You are an experienced software development and implementation Project Manager with a track record of delivering high-quality software projects – on time and on budget.

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Senior Software Engineer

Greater NYC area, Philadelphia, or Portland, OR:

You have a passion for technology and programming, strong fundamental concepts, and want to work in a great environment.

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401K 4% Match

We'll match up to 4% of your monthly contributions!


We've got you and your family covered with comprehensive health care coverage.

Profit Share

We're a team of entrepreneurial-thinking workers. It's important to us that everyone sees the benefits of their hard work.

Work Remotely

Once spun up, you can work from our office or from home. One of the team just spent a few weeks in San Diego and worked from there!

New Equipment

When you start, you'll get a shiny new laptop and a new large monitor to go
with it.

Flexible Hours

You decide what hours and days work best for you. Want to work a 4-day work week or start at 12noon? No problem!

Our Culture

We're extremely proud of our culture.


1. Fair

We want everyone at Bad Rabbit to feel they are being rewarded fairly for their hard work. That's why we have a unique profit sharing scheme which we are sure you'll love.


2. Transparent

It's a crazy experiment but we are open with the business' numbers such as our revenue and profit. Not only that, but we encourage feedback from everyone at Bad Rabbit.


3. Flat

No one likes pointless meetings and org charts which is why at Bad Rabbit we don't do either. We will never over complicate our management structure and will always try to keep things as flat as possible.


4. Open

If you don't like something, or want to see things done differently, we are excited to hear! Our benefits, culture, and structure are in place to keep everyone as happy as possible; if you have suggestions we can't wait to hear.


5. Grow With Us

As we grow, there are going to be lots of opportunities to step up and take on more responsibility and new roles. We'd rather promote from within than hire from the outside, so grow your career with Bad Rabbit.


6. Startup Culture, Without Startup Stress

Everyone at Bad Rabbit, especially our founders, are entrepreneurs at heart so we might run Bad Rabbit a bit like a startup, except no-one needs to work crazy hours and not get paid!


7. Work-life Balance

All our team members have interests and obligations outside of work, and we encourage that. We believe it's better to work 35 productive hours a week than to sit in an office being unproductive for 80 hours!


8. Great Team

We will only hire top-caliber people that want to work with other top-caliber people. We're very happy with our team and excited about growing it.

Our Values

Hire Smart

We like working with smart individuals so that's one of the things we look for.

Hire Passion

Technology moves fast, so being passionate means you'll be one step ahead of others.

Work Smart

Working hard is great, but it's better to work smart. We want to maximize our productivity.


We have an amazing opportunity to build something great at Bad Rabbit, so we aim to do just that.


We like solving technical challenges once. We try to generalize our solutions and re-use them as much as possible.


The best way to improve is to learn from one another. Everyone is a coach at Bad Rabbit.

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an

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