Modern inline editing with the Shared Toolkit

Posted by Luke Belbina on October 13, 2016

The Shared Toolkit provides functional and usability enhancements to the Huron-Click® Portal while lowering an institution’s overall total cost of ownership. Here are some of the major successes of the toolkit: Rabbit Ears – Used in production by six institutions, Rabbit Ears extends the existing view editor to easily add functionality seen in many modern …

Modern Huron-Click® User Interfaces in 4 steps

Posted by Luke Belbina on September 17, 2016

Introduction It’s easy to imagine when working with legacy software how it “could be” with a modern interface. You might not have known that modern web interfaces can be developed quickly and reliably within many legacy systems. Here’s an inside look at the process Bad Rabbit used to build a “Google Calendar” work-a-like interface inside …